Project Description

YES OR NO? (Game Show – Half hour). 4 audience members are asked Yes or No questions. Questions get harder as the game progresses. Audience members with the lowest scores are eliminated after each set of 5 questions.

“Yes or No”
Game Show: 4 contestants standing at podiums.
There are 4 Categories on a screen to the left of the contestants.
i.e. – “Civil War”, “Maine”, “Cuba” & “Presidents”
Category is randomly selected.
The contestants are given a “YES or NO” question.
i.e. – Category – “Presidents”
Each contestant has two ‘buttons’ on their podium – YES and NO
Question – Was John Adams the 2nd President of the US?
The contestants all hit their YES or NO buttons
First person to buzz in and get the right answer wins $100.
Person with the correct answer gets an option on a 2nd question in the same specific category as the previous question – i.e. “John Adams”
Option – Do you want to take a chance and answer a question – without hearing it first and get $250 if correct. OR Hear the question first and then decide to answer.
The contestant hits their YES or NO button
If you hear it first and get it right, you get $100 BUT if you hear it and hit YES then get it wrong, you lose $100.
After this is complete, a new category appears next to the other three.
Then one of the four categories is randomly selected and the process repeats itself.
At the end of 20 minutes, the contestant with the most cash, moves on to the final round.
10 “Yes or No” questions need to be answered.
The winning person decides how many questions they will answer correctly in 30 seconds – either 7 – 8 – 9 or 10
And they get to bet any amount of the money they have won.
For example, the person bets $1000 that they can answer 8 out of 10 questions correctly.
For 7 questions, if they get it correct, they get a 150% of what they bet – $1,500
For 8 questions, they get 200% – $2,000
For 9 questions, they get 250% – $2,500
For 10 questions, they get 500% – $5,000
The winners of Monday-Thursday come back on Friday and play for double the stakes.


Documentation of Registration

Registrant: Joe McCormick

Author: Joe McCormick

YES or NO ?
Registration Number: 1820970

FILE NAME: YES or NO ?.docx