Project Description

WEB CROSS – (Game Show – half hour). Contestants try to fill in a crossword puzzle, one clue at a time. If they don’t know the answer they can try to find it on the internet.
TV – Game Show – ½ hour
Premise: 2 Contestants are given one clue at a time and they attempt to finish a Crossword puzzle. If they do not know the answer, they can search the internet for the answer.
Stage: Stage Left – a large video screen. On it are two identical Crossword puzzles. Below the puzzles is another long thin video screen which will display the current clue as it is read by the Emcee.
Center Stage – the Emcee’s podium.
Stage right – podiums for the two contestants. On the front of each podium is the contestant’s current score. On the top of each podium is a video screen and a keyboard. Behind each podium is a large video screen which will show the Contestant’ searches on the internet and a large red button that says “WEB”. This button connects the contestant to the internet.
The object is to answer enough clues to put together a series of correct answers that will reach from the top of the puzzle to the bottom of the puzzle. The correct answers can intersect each other in a perpendicular fashion but not on a slant.
The Emcee always starts the contest by reading the clue to 1 Across. Thereafter the contestant who has won the previous clue gets to pick the clue.
For Example: If the clue for 1 Across is ‘1st US President’s 1st name’. The answer is: ‘George’. The first person who TYPES in the correct answer wins that clue and gets 10 points per letter if they do NOT use the internet. If they use the internet, they only get 5 points per letter. Each clue is ‘open’ for 30 seconds. If no one gets the correct answers the clue is ‘locked out’ and no one gets any points.
If the contestants do not initially know the answer to the clue, they can hit the WEB button on their podium. This connects them to the internet. Once on, they can search any way they want. The studio audience and the home audience see their search in real time.
There will be TWO rounds. As soon as a contestant reaches the bottom of the puzzle with connected clues, the Round is over. If no one gets to the bottom, the person with the most points wins the round.
The points are added up from the 2 Rounds and the person with the highest score wins and advances to the Final Round.
In the Final Round, the object is to get to the bottom of another puzzle in the same way in 90 seconds. If they do, their score is doubled. If not, they receive the dollar amount in prize money that is equal to their score at the end of Round Two.
The Champion can return, the following day, to defend their title.
There will be Special Weeks where teams of two related people work together to solve the puzzle. The teams might be: Husbands and Wives, or 2 Army soldiers vs. 2 Navy sailors.


Documentation of Registration

Registrant: Joe McCormick

Author: Joe McCormick

Registration Number: 1821472