Project Description

WARRIORS & WIMPS – (Reality – 1 hour). Eight 2-man teams, comprised of a former Special Forces soldier (Warrior) and a civilian who has never been in the military (Wimp), compete in a series of ever-increasingly difficult tasks to win the ‘Camo’ trophy.
Warriors and Wimps

– Eight two-man teams compete to win a military-style survival course.
– Each of the teams is comprised of a retired ex-Special Forces type and a non-military type (who has had no military and/or survivalist training).
– Each branch of ‘Special Forces’ is represented: Army Green Berets, Navy Seals, Delta Force, Air Force Para-rescuers, Army Rangers, Marine Re-Con, Army Airborne, Coast Guard anti-terrorist units. Also include: ex-Israeli, German and English (SAS) and Russian (Spetznaz) ex-special forces members.
(Note: possible alternative option – have 4 two-man teams from the US and 4 two-man teams from the rest of the world – like the Ryder Cup – competing against each other).
All the ‘Recruits’ are given a white T-Shirt with the word WIMP stenciled on. The colors of the shirts change every week. It is similar to the different colors people receive when studying karate – white, yellow, orange – all the way to black. When the contest is down to the final 8, the remaining contestants get a brown T-Shirt with ‘Recruit’ stenciled on.

Episode 1 – A group of 16 ‘civilians’ are brought into the ‘Camp’ where they are introduced to the Special Forces ‘Instructors’. Their fitness levels are measured and the basic rules are explained. The 16 civilians are then given a task with no warning. ‘Run 5 miles and report back” The last two people to cross the finish line are sent home. The winner gets a higher colored T-Shirt. (14 left)
Episode 2 – More basic training. Then the remaining 14 are woken up in the middle of the night, blindfolded and driven to a remote location. They are given a flashlight, a compass and some water and told to find they way back to Camp. The last two people to cross are eliminated. The winner gets the next level up in colored T-Shirts. (12 left)
Episode 3 – More basic training. The remaining 12 are taken out and run through an obstacle course. The last two are eliminated. The winner gets a new T-Shirt. (10 left)
Episode 4 – More training. This time with guns. Then they are sent out to a range and they have to shoot several types of guns. The two lowest scores are eliminated. The winner get a new T-Shirt. The final 8 have been chosen. (8 left)
Episode 5 – The final 8 are congratulated and are presented with a brown ‘Recruit’ T-Shirt. The Head Instructor then comes out with two ‘camo hats’. In one hat he places the names of the final 8 Recruits and in the other hat he places the names of 8 Special Forces Instructors. He pulls the name of a Recruit out of a hat and then tells the recruit to go over to the other hat and pick out a name. The person he picks out will be his partner for the rest of the contest. When this is finished, you will now have 8 two man teams. The teams are told to spend 10 minutes with each other and then report back to him. When they report back, they are given some gear and a challenge than will involve several tasks that involve teamwork – crossing rapids, climbing a mountain, rappelling down a cliff. No one will be eliminated today. This is just to see where each team’s strengths and weaknesses are.
Episode 6 & 7 – All 8 teams are given a challenge. This is a two-part episode. The two losing teams are eliminated. (6 left)
Episode 8 & 9 – All 76teams are given a challenge. This is a two-part episode. The two losing teams are eliminated. (4 left)
Episode 10 – All 4 teams are given a challenge. The losing team is eliminated. (3 left)
Episode 11 – The remaining 3 teams battle it out for the final two spots. The next team is eliminated. (2 left)
Episode 12 & 13 – The Finals. This is a two part episode. The two remaining teams are flown to Mt. Rainier. They are told that whoever plants their flag at the summit first will win the contest.
The winning team gets a ‘Camo’ trophy and some ‘Warrior’ prizes – i.e. a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Edition, etc.


Documentation of Registration

Registrant: Joe McCormick

Author: Joe McCormick

Registration Number: 1822043