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THE THREE GRACES. (Sit Com). Story of fraternal triplet sisters, from a wealthy dysfunctional family, who were all named Grace by their mother (Grace Ann, Grace Louise and Grace Kelly) because the doctors said it was a miracle they all survived premature birth.

The Three Graces Sit Com
PREMISE: Wealthy, dysfunction family has fraternal triplet daughters all named Grace.
The girls almost died at birth and the mother decided to name them all Grace after her prayers were answered and they all survived.
The family company is Boudreaux Studios a relatively small TV production company. Mostly, they syndicate second-rate reality and game shows to basic cable channels and local TV stations. The entire family lives in a large compound, with several homes on it, in Beverly Hills.
Grace Louise: “Lulu” The oldest (by 4 minutes) is twice divorced. No kids. Does not work. She is what they call, one of ‘the ladies who lunch’. She lives mostly on alimony from her two wealth ex-husbands but she also gets an ‘allowance’ from her father.
Grace Ann: “Annie”. Middle child. Divorced. Has one child who lives with her and who is also recently divorced. She works as a teacher in a private school. Sensible and practical.
Grace Kelly: “Kelly” . Youngest. Never married. Has always worked for her father’s company and is now the President of the company. She is trying to make the company more of a ‘player’ in the entertainment industry. She is considered a ‘power player’ in Hollywood. She is invited to all the ‘right’ parties and goes to movie openings and the Oscars.
Roberta “Bobbi” Preston. Daughter of Grace Ann and Henry Preston, Annie’s ex-husband. She’s 25 years old and already divorced. Back at school trying to finish her degree.
The Mother: Jacqueline ‘Queenie’ Boudreaux . She is from a famous old Southern family. Her great-great-great grandfather was Gen. Pierre Beauregard who fought in the Civil War. Somewhat like Blanche in ‘Streetcar’ eccentric, ethereal and is always dressed perfectly.
The Father: Bobby ‘Boo’ Boudreaux. From New Orleans . Owner of Boudreaux Studios. Big bear of a man. Bosses everyone around but his wife and daughters.

Possible cast:
Grace Louise: Marie Osmond ( age-53)
Grace Ann: Valerie Bertinelli (age-52)
Grace Kelly: Justine Bateman (age 46)
Mother: Blythe Danner (age-68)
Father: Brian Dennehy (age-74)
Bobbi: Mandy Moore (age-28)


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Author: Joe McCormick

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