Project Description

THE SIX SHOOTERS – (1 hr. drama). The adventures of a modern-day bounty hunting family whose patriarch (Gatling Shooter) has named each of his five children after famous guns: Smith, Wesson, Beretta, Colt and Remington.

The Six Shooters

TV – Drama

The adventures of a family who are the most famous group of Trackers and Bounty Hunters in the country. There happens to be six of them and their name happens to be ‘Shooter’.

The Six Shooters are:

  • Father is Gatling “Gat” or “Pops” (60 years old)
  • Oldest son: Remington “Rem” (35 yrs. Old)
  • 2nd Oldest son: Colt (33 yrs. Old)
  • Next oldest – twin Boys
    Smith “Smitty” 29 years old
    Wesson “Wes” 29 years old
  • Youngest- a daughter Baretta “Bar-B” (25 years old).

They own a 1,000 acre ranch outside Ft. Worth, TX. The father lives in a big ranch house, the business is run out of a converted barn, the two older brothers each have a house on the property. The twin boys live in the “Bunk House” a ramshackle house that they never clean. The sister has a small home on the property called the BAR-B-DAHL. That’s also the license plate on her pick-up truck. The family is a combination of Old West values and modern surveillance methods. They all wear Cowboy hats and boots but on the other hand they employ the latest technology.

Each Shooter has a special skill:

  • One son is a pilot
  • One son was an expert archer and knife expert
  • One son was a sniper in the Special Forces
  • One son is a martial arts expert
  • The daughter is a world-class free-climber

Each person has their own 4×4: but they are all all-black

  • Father – Mercedes G-Wagen
  • Oldest son – Range Rover
  • Next oldest son – Ford F-150 Crew Cab
  • Twins: Toyota FJ and Land Rover Defender 90
  • Daughter – Jeep Wrangler – Rubicon – Convertible

Each week the family will be called upon to find a missing person or to track down a bail jumper. In many cases, they will be the classic ‘fish out of water’ when their cases take them to places like Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York.


Documentation of Registration

Registrant: Joe McCormick

Author: Joe McCormick

Registration Number: 1822272