Project Description

THE GREAT CELEBRITY TALK SHOW CONTEST. (Reality/Talk Hybrid). 4 celebrities are given a chance to host a talk show. All are given the same budget and use the same crew. Each celebrity host one night a week. On Fridays they are critiqued. Winner gets their own weekly talk show for 13 weeks.
The Great Celebrity Talk Show Contest
TYPE: HYBRID – TALK SHOW/REALITY SHOW – ½ hour nightly (Mon-Fri)
Premise: A reality show that is also a talk show. Each season lasts 13 weeks.
The Prize is a Talk Show of their own for 13 weeks – which would air on the weekends.
There are 4 Hosts one per night (Mon-Thurs). The hosts are all people that people will turn into seeing because there will always be the possibility of a ‘train wreck’.
Possible Talk Show hosts:
Bobcat Goldthwait
Mike Tyson
Danny Bonaduce
Gary Busey
Christopher Walken
Margaret Cho
Carrie Fisher
There are also three Judges and an emcee. The judges are both former talk show hosts and comics. There should be a surreal aspect to the judging, as the hosts themselves are all a bit ‘off-center’. To keep it surreal, the judges could include: Triumph, the insult comic dog and Jeff Dunham and his puppets (Peanuts, etc.)
On Friday nights, there is a ‘results’ show where the hosts are critiqued and awarded ‘points’ as to who was the best that week – 3 points for the best show, 2 for the 2nd best, 1 for 3rd place and zero points for last place.
The premise is to allow each host to structure to suit their personality. They must each perform a monologue and interview a guest every week, so that they can be judged by the same criteria. The only limits the hosts are given is a budget and time.
This would be the ‘Gong Show’ of talk shows where the hosts would be the most interesting people on the show.
The hosts all use the same set, the same crew, same couches etc. but other than that, they can structure the show any way they want. Basically film the insanity and edit it later.
Each show would open with a short (1-2 minute) behind-the-scenes look at the preparation for the show and a few comments from the judges and Host. The show would then begin with some sort of monologue followed by an interview.
The first week of shows would show all the hosts together, ‘learning’ how to be talk show hosts. Former talk show hosts would be brought in to give them a primer.
For the next 7 weeks, they would each host a talk show one night a week (Mon-Thurs). After, 8 weeks the 2 lowest scoring hosts are dropped and the remaining 2 Hosts get to host a show 2 nights a week – Mon-Wed and Tues-Thurs.
For the 13th week, they would again (like the 1st week) all be together. The Hosts that were dropped would be brought back for a reunion show.
There would be a retrospective of all the ‘best’ (read: worst) moments. On the last Friday would be a ‘results’ show, where a winner is announced.
The process would repeat itself every 13 weeks.
Promo: Would show all 4 hosts dressed in tuxedos or evening dresses standing behind 3 chairs. Music starts and they start playing ‘musical chairs’. They start pushing and fighting. Mike Tyson ends up laying across all 3 chairs smiling. Cut to a close-up of the 4 hosts with cuts, bruises, ripped clothes and missing teeth. They are all smiling.


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Registrant: Joe McCormick

Author: Joe McCormick

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