Project Description

THE GEMINI DAY PARADE – (1 hr. drama). In the wake of a comet’s impact, in a small town near Columbus, Ohio, residents deal with the fact that all children born after the impact are identical twins.

The Gemini Day Parade

TV – Drama – 1 hour

Premise: After an ‘incident’, all people born in a small town are born as identical twins.
This is the everyday world of Grandview, OH 25 years after the ‘Incident’.
25 years ago a comet exploded in the air just outside the small city of 6,000. There was a great deal of structural damage but only a minimal loss of life.
However, nine months later a strange thing started to happen. All the births were identical twins.
25 years later, the city has just decided to rename itself ‘Gemini’ – after the astrological sign of the Twins. The pilot opens with the Gemini Day Parade which is a celebration of the city’s name change.
The show looks at how a society would be changed if all of a sudden, every child born was part of a set of identical twins.
The city has become a mecca for couples who want to have twins. They come to drink the water, swim in the lakes, breathe the air and eat the locally grown food. It seems that women, who stay for at least a month, tend to have twins. But all the local women give birth to twins.
The NIH (Nat’l. Institute of Health) has a permanent lab in the city to study the children; The EPA has a permanent presence to monitor the air and water. But no one had been able to figure out why the twins are being born. They seem normal in all respects. Except that they don’t like to be apart. Schools and business have had to adapt to this situation. Businesses must hire both twins, if they want either. Schools must put all twins in the same classes. The government has put an ‘exclusion zone’ around the area and restricts access to the city. In most cases, when one twin dies, the other dies soon thereafter as if they died of a ‘broken heart’. On rare occasions, a woman gives birth to a single child but that child is ‘shunned’ as a freak and the family usually has to move away.
There is a thriving black market for ‘Gemini Water’, ‘Gemini Dirt’ and even ‘Gemini Air’.


Documentation of Registration

Registrant: Joe McCormick

Author: Joe McCormick

Registration Number: 1822488