Project Description

THACKER’S TRAVELS. (Film- Comedy) A sequel to ‘Nodding Hill’ where William Thacker, after marrying Anna Scott, has inexplicably become very famous after starring in a travel/comedy show on the BBC called ‘Thacker’s Travel’s. Because of the show he is always traveling and it is putting a strain on his marriage.
Sequel to ‘Nodding Hill’ – 10 years later
Premise: William Thacker, husband of movie star Anna Scott, has become famous in his own right.
Following a ’60 Minutes’ interview with Anna Scott, where Thacker was present, and his droll self-deprecating wit was on full display, he was offered a television show on the BBC. A half-hour travel show entitled, ‘Thacker’s Travels’. Sometimes he would travel alone and sometimes with Martin (his bookstore employee) or Bernie (his ex-stockbroker friend). Misadventures always followed. Surprisingly, it became a huge hit.
In the 10 years since they were married, they have had three daughters and Anna only does 1 film a year. Now, Thacker is the star of the family.
Conceit: The audience never sees Anna. They hear her voice on the phone, and on Skype and they see her texts. They see a ‘person’ in the hospital and in a wheelchair but they never see her full-face.
Anna spends most of her time at their country home in the north of England, with their daughters, while Thacker spends weekdays in London working on his various media projects. We see that he and Anna, although still in love, communicate mostly through phone calls, texts and Skype.
Thacker receives a call from Anna’s assistant that she has had an accident while riding her horse on their estate. She is in critical condition. He rushes to her side.
All the friends from ‘Nodding Hill’ show up at their home to offer support.
Thacker soon realizes that ‘this fame thing is not real’ and that he would rather spend time with his family.
After a long convalescence, Anna is finally well enough to leave the hospital.
The final scene is where they go to the ‘private garden’ where the first movie ended and Thacker wheels Anna in, in a wheelchair, and he shows her that he has bought her a bench which is inscribed ‘To Anna, love always – William’. He lifts her out of the wheelchair and sits her down on the bench. FADE OUT.


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