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T.H.E. FOUR HAND. (Game Show – half Hour) The T.H.E. stands for Texas Hold ‘Em. This is a version of the poker game Texas Hold ‘Em, where each of the 6 contestants play 4 poker hands at a time
T.H.E. 4 HAND (Texas Hold ‘Em – 4 handed)
Premise: This is a version of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. In this version there are 6 players. Each player gets dealt 4 hands simultaneously. The cards are dealt electronically onto a touch screen. (Note: since 6 players are playing 4 hands there will be one less card than needed to play all the hands. 6 players each dealt 2 cards = 8 cards X 6 people = 48 cards and 5 cards in the middle = 53. Since there are 52 cards in a deck, they will be 1 card short. So, 1 of the 24 hands dealt will get 1 card and the Joker).
After the hands are dealt, the players look at the hands and DISCARD 1 of the hands (by hitting DELETE under the hand). The player who has the JOKER hand, must DISCARD that hand.
After the players discard 1 hand, they look at the strength of the remaining 3 hands and BET or FOLD
The first three common cards (The FLOP) are then dealt.
The players look at the Flop and DISCARD 1 of the 3 remaining hands.
Then they BET or FOLD
The 4th card (The Turn) is then dealt.
The players look at their cards and DISCARD 1 of the 2 remaining hands.
Then they BET of FOLD
The remaining players all have one hand remaining.
The 5th card (The River) is dealt.
The players look at their cards and BET or FOLD.

The betting is limited, but progressive, on the first three rounds and unlimited on the final hand.
After every 2 hands, the betting minimums increase. For example;
Hand 1 & 2 – Round 1 $100, Round 2, $250, Round 3, $500, Round 4 Unlimited
Hand 3 & 4 – Round 1 $250, Round 2, $500, Round 2, $1,000, Round 4 Unlimited
Hand 4 & 6 – Round 1 $500, Round 2, $750, Round 3 $1,500, Round 4 Unlimited.
Limits will continue to increase as the game progresses.
The players, after discarding the first hand, must bet to stay in the game. As in tournament play, these limits increase as the number of hands progress. The limited bet is shown on a screen that all players (and the audience) can see. The players just press the BET button on the screen to continue. They can also hit FOLD at any time to exit the hand.
On the final round of betting each player, who wants to continue, must bet a percentage of their total stake – 25%, 50%, 75% or ALL. There will be squares on the touch screen that indicate these percentages. Just as in regular Hold ‘Em, a player may SEE a raise, Re-RAISE or FOLD.
For example, on the final bet (The River), Player 1 BETS 25%, Player 2 FOLDS, Player 3, SEES the 25% raise, and Player 4 BETS 50%. (The other 2 players have dropped out prior to the final bet). Players 1 & 3 then must SEE the 50% raise, Re-raise it to 75%-or–ALL, or FOLD. This betting continues as in regular Hold ‘Em. If there are 2 or more players left, the cards are shown and a winner is declared. If all but one player folds, they do not have to show their cards and they receive their winnings.


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Registrant: Joe McCormick

Author: Joe McCormick

T.H.E. 4 Hand
Registration Number: 1821085

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