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SISTERS IN LAW – (TV – 1 hr. drama). Two long lost sisters find each other while working at the same LAPD precinct.

Sisters in LAW

TV Drama – 1 hr. – Treatment

Premise: Two long-lost sisters find each other while working at the same Los Angeles police precinct.


Samantha (Sam) – 35, is the older sister. She has been with the LAPD for 10 years and has just made detective.

Jess, 25, is the younger sister who has just completed the Police Academy and is assigned to a precinct. Jess had spent the past 4 years in the Army, working mostly as a member of the MP (Military Police).

Their mother gave birth to Samantha as a 16 year old and gave her up for adoption. She was raised in San Pedro by loving parents who did not tell her she was adopted till she was 18 years old.

Their mother became a nurse and remarried and gave birth to Jess 10 years later. The marriage didn’t last and Jess was raised by her mother as a single parent in the Echo Park area.

Jess joined the Army after finishing 2 years at a Community College. She joined the Army as a way to pay for college.

While she was in Afghanistan, her mother succumbed to complications from alcoholism. Since Jess was in a combat situation, she didn’t find out her mother had died for a week.

Since they were estranged, Jess decided not to return home.

Her mother’s friend put her belongings in a storage locker until Jess returned. When she comes home and is going through her mother’s things, she discovers that she has an older sister, who was given away for adoption. She resolves to find her long-lost sister.

When Jess leaves the Army, she applies for the Police Academy in Los Angeles. Because of her background as an MP, she is accepted.

Upon graduating from the Police Academy she is assigned to a precinct. Unbeknownst to her, she is assigned to the same precinct as her long-lost sister.

Both Samantha and Jess are tall blue-eyed and have long blond hair.

For the next few days, we see Jess entering the Precinct just when Sam is leaving and vice versa. Soon, a few people call Jess “Sam” by mistake.

Jess is assigned to go out on patrol with 2 veteran police officers so she can learn the ropes. While on patrol, they get an APB regarding a bank robbery. They realize that the robbers are heading right for them. They wait and confront them.

The police tell Jess to stay in the back of the car, lay low, and not to get out. When they block the robber’s path they are surprised that the robbers have high-powered assault rifles and body armor. A gun battle ensues. Both of the veteran police officers are hit by gunfire. Jess, with her military training, decides to act.

She opens the back door, rolls out and comes up shooting. She kills the first robber. Jess then drags one of the wounded police officers to safety. The second robber then turns his gun on Jesse, who is hit. She returns fire and kills the second gunman.

She then goes over to the second police officer and puts a tourniquet on him.

Moments later police arrive to find a scene of devastation. As soon as Jess tells them what happened she faints from loss of blood.

The police officers are all taken to area hospitals. Jess is actually in the worse shape because the bullet has nicked an artery and she is losing blood fast.

The hospital realizes that Jess has a rare blood type and, along with the Chief of Police, issue a public appeal for that type of blood.

Sam is just arriving at the precinct when she gets the news about the shootout. She realizes that she has that type of blood and volunteers to go to the hospital and give blood.

Since the initial reports did not specify what precinct the Police Officers were from or their names, she does not initially realize that they are from her precinct.

Within a few days, the officers are all on the mend and the full story of Jess’ bravery is now front-page news. Jess is awarded the Police Department’s highest medal and is now a media celebrity.

When she finally returns to work, she is sitting in the Squad Room. There she finally meets Sam face to face. Sam had initially gone up to her to thank her for saving the lives of her two friends. But they both soon realize that they look like each other. One thing leads to another and they realize that they are, in fact sisters.


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