Project Description

PROGRESSION – THE SUPER GAME SHOW. A series of 5 interconnected games shows that run as a strip Monday through Friday. It starts with 32 people on Monday and ends with 2 finalists on Friday. See the specific rules listed under each of the game shows on the Hole Sail website.
“Progression” (The Super Game)
This game show is unique in that it is composed of 5 different Game Shows that are all linked together.
Note: All 5 shows are listed independently on the Hole Sail website and are individually registered with Writers Guild West. The games will be slightly modified to accommodate different numbers of contestants. Please see the individual shows for specific rules.
The winners of Monday’s game come back on Tuesday’s show. The winners on Tuesday come back on Wednesday, and so on.
Monday’s game is the easiest and the games get more difficult as the week goes on.
Monday’s show is entitled “Yes or No” and starts with 32 contestants. At the end of the show, 16 contestants will be left.
Tuesday’s show is entitled “The Know Know Show” and starts with 16 contestants. At the end of the show there are 8 contestants
Wednesday’s Show is entitled “Wanna Bet” and it starts with 8 contestants. At the end of the show there are 4 contestants.
Thursday’s show is entitled “Common Ground” and it starts with 4 contestants. At the end of the show, there are 2 contestants.
Friday’s show is entitled “WebCross” and it starts with 2 contestants. At the end there is 1 winner.
There will be 2 emcees. One host will work the Monday-Wednesday-Friday shows. The other host will do the Tuesday-Thursday shows.
The shows will be shot in sequence as usual, but the difference will be that the set and the emcee will change for every show. The shows set design would be as modular as possible. For example, half of the 32 seats used for Monday’s show would be used for Tuesday show. The emcee’s podium would be reused for every show – only the show’s nameplate would be switched out. The contestants podiums, used in the Thursday show, would be used on Friday also. The large video screen, at center stage, would be adapted for each days use.
Essentially, you will get 5 different shows, all requiring different skills sets inone package. Each show can be watched as a stand-alone unit, as there will be daily ‘winners’. But there would be a compelling reason to watch every day, as the people you watched yesterday will be back tomorrow – facing a different challenge.
The 16 winners from Monday’s show would win a cash prize, say $500. They would then move on to Tuesday’s show where, the 8 winners would have a chance to win, let’s say $1,000, and so on.


Documentation of Registration

Registrant: Joe McCormick

Author: Joe McCormick

Progression – The Super Game
Registration Number: 1821850

FILE NAME: Progression – The Super Game.docx