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ONE WOMAN ONE VOTE (Book/Film). A young woman, who is the daughter of the Governor of Wyoming, is elected to the House of Representatives and her first vote changes the political landscape of America.

Premise: The daughter of the Governor of Wyoming is elected to the House of Representatives and her first vote changes the American political landscape.
Leslie “Junior” Manning is her name. She was named after her father, the long-term Governor of Wyoming. She was an Olympic silver medalist in skiing. Now, 30 years old, she was persuaded to run for Wyoming’s lone seat in the House of Representatives after the incumbent suddenly decided not to run for re-election at the last minute.
Unbeknownst to her, her father basically blackmailed the Representative not to run.
Because of her family’s name recognition and the political machine and money behind her, she wins the seat.
However, the year of her election is also a Presidential Election year.
It is a very close race and there is a third party candidate, the Governor of Alaska, who is only on the ballot in that state. The problem arises, when neither of the two major party candidates gets the 270 Electoral Votes necessary to win an election. The Democrat has 268 Electoral Votes, the Republican 267 votes and the Governor of Alaska, who has won his state, has the deciding 3 votes.
So it looks like the election will be decided in the House of Representatives (for the President) and the Senate (for the Vice President).
But the Governor of Alaska, who detests the Republican Presidential candidate, instructs his electors, who vote for the President and Vice president separately, to cast their 3 votes for the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, who was an old friend from his days as a US Senator. But he also tells them to vote for himself on the Presidential side.
Thus, you have an elected Vice President but not an elected President.
The Governor of Alaska’s motivation is that he hopes that if the House of Representatives becomes deadlocked, that the elected Vice President, his friend, will become Acting President.
So, when Leslie Manning comes to Washington DC to be sworn in, she must cast her first vote to elect the President of the United States.
Since each state’s delegation gets one vote in the House voting, Leslie Manning, as Wyoming’s lone Representative, gets to decide the vote. Whereas large delegations, like California, have to poll their delegation before they vote.
Since she is the daughter of the sitting Republican Governor of Wyoming, everyone knows she will vote for the Republican candidate.
Since the winning candidate, must get a majority (26) of votes, there are a number of votes with much horse-trading going on.
Since Wyoming is last alphabetically, they are called last in the roll call.
Leslie dutifully votes Republican on the first ballots, when no one is close to getting 26 votes.
But when the Democrat gets to 25 votes (and the Republican has 24), she switches her vote and elects a Democratic President to go along with the Republican Vice President.
Her next act is to resign from Congress.


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