Project Description

Mix ‘n Match – Game Show. Three contestants try to figure out which one of 9 panelists are a ‘match’ for them. One of the panelists has been selected for one of the contestants after they have taken an online compatibility test.
Mix’N Match
– a dating game show –

Game Show – Treatment
In Mix ‘N Match there are:
$10,000 in prize money at stake.
Three contestants have all taken a date matching service test ( ,, A person who ‘matches’ up with one of them has been put among the 9 possible matches. The other 8 potential matches, are imposters. The imposters do NOT know the contestants answers to the dating profile. They are told to just tell the truth. The person who is the ‘match’ does not know which of the three contestants they best match up with – they only know they do match up with one of the contestants.
(NOTE: get one of these services to be the central sponsor).
Each contestant has one match among the nine possible matches. The point of the game is to eliminate your NON-matches and then try to pick your ‘Match’.
The nine contestants all state their name –
Then the questions begin.
Round 1
The questions are hidden on a board under “WHO”, ‘”WHAT”, “WHERE”, “WHY”, “HOW”
Contestant #1picks a question category of their choice and a person of their choice.
i.e. – They pick “WHY” as a category and they pick ‘Bob’ as the person to answer.
Question is revealed = WHY are you still single?
‘Bob’ answers.
Then Contestant selects WHEN and she asks ‘John’ the question. The question is “it alright to go ‘Dutch treat’ on a date?
John– answers.
Contestant 3 asks a question of Larry. She picks HOW. The question is HOW often to you go out ‘with’ the boys’?
Larry answers.
This process is repeated twice more.
After each contestant has asked 3 questions, they must select 3 people who are not their match.
They can pick either people they asked questions of or people that the other contestants asked questions of. Or even pick someone who no one has asked questions of.
The people selected as NON matches show up on the front of their pedestal BUT they are not told if their answers are correct or not.
Note: Contestants can obviously not ask any more questions of people they have eliminated.
Round two is a repeat of Round 1
Contestants ask questions of three more people and then vote for three more people that are NOT their matches. Those answers are then displayed on their pedestal. They each have picked 6people who are NOT their match.
Round 3
Two more questions each and two more picks re: who is NOT their match.
After all the picks are revealed the person with the most correct answers is the winner.
NOTE: A contestant can, after any Round, declare that they know who IS their correct match. If they get it correct, they are guaranteed a share of the prize money. If they are incorrect, they are eliminated. If they guess correctly after the 1st Round they get $5,000, the 2nd Round $2,500.
NOTE: A Person can also declare after any Round that there are NO matches for them among the 9 panelists. If they are correct, they get the same prizes as listed above and are eliminated if they are incorrect.
If someone guesses correctly, the other 2 contestants play on to see if they can find their match and win a share of the remaining prize money.


Documentation of Registration

Registrant: Joe McCormick

Author: Joe McCormick

Registration Number: 1823219