Project Description

“INSIDE ‘joke’ “ – (Sit Com). A behind-the scenes look at ‘joke’ magazine, a once popular National Lampoon type of humor magazine, which has fallen on hard times.
Premise: A behind-the-scenes look at a humor magazine called “joke”.
The magazine started as a college humor magazine but has now been around for 30 years.
The magazine has just been bought by an ex-staffer, who made billions in software development.
Conceit – Each group of 4 episodes is themed around getting out a new issue of the monthly magazine.
Almost all the staffers are in their 20’s and all were the funniest kids at their school.
The magazine had just started to lose money for the first time, so one of their ex-staffers came in an ‘angel’ to rescue the publication. The new boss was legendary at ‘joke’ for his outrageous articles, stunts and epic partying. But now that he is his late 40’s, rich and successful, he wants to impose some discipline and fiscal responsibility. This is where the conflict arises.
Note: Every episode opens with a scene of the ‘Writer’s Room’. All the characters are sitting around a large conference table trying to solve some problem. An example:
Cold open – There is a closed door. We hear different voices saying the word ‘joke’ over and over. After 15 different times, a man walks down the hall. We see him with a quizzical look on his face regarding hearing ‘joke’ over and over. He opens the door. It looks like a ‘writer’s room’ – 10 people sitting around a conference table. There are coffee cups, water bottles, half-eaten bagels and yellow legal pads strewn haphazardly across the table. The ‘joke’ marathon stops when the man peeks his head in. They all look at him. He just raises his eyebrows as is to say ‘what the hell is going on’. The group all sort of half-nod. He shakes his head in bewilderment and closes the door. The scene shifts to inside the room and one of the young men says “Well was I right? If you say something over and over, it loses all meaning. Some of the staffers nod and some shake their heads in disagreement. The young man says “OK, let’s try it one more time. It’s a Zen thing”. A number of eyeballs start to roll but the chant begins and gets louder and faster. Soon the whole table is repeating the work ‘joke’ over and over all in different tones and different speeds. Suddenly the young man stands up and gives a ‘stop’ sign. The room immediately becomes silent. The table is now listening to the ‘silence’. They are all nodding in approval. After a few seconds there are fist bumps and shouts of ‘Cool’ and ‘Way Cool’. The young man smiles a ‘I told you so’ smile and nods his head. (Fade Out).
Parnell “Sully” Sullivan. New owner. He was one of the founders of ‘joke’ 25 years ago. He is from a prominent family and is a Harvard graduate. He is now a very wealthy software developer. He has just bought the magazine because it had just started to lose money for the first time. He was legendary for his epic partying and outrageous stunts. Now he is in his late 40’s and wants to impose some fiscal discipline and modern business practices. But the staff is resisting. He is now a Buddhist and a vegan.
Brad Wright. Editor-in-Chief. Harvard graduate. Age 25. Brilliant and head-strong. Fanatic Boston Celtics fan. Tried to buy “joke” but was outbid by the new owner.
Jared Sizeburg. Ass’t-Editor-in Chief. Yale graduate. Age 25. Very left-wing politically. He is a secular Jew who is pro-Palestinian.
Montgomery “Monty” McMoreland . Features Editor. Princeton Graduate. Age 24. African-American. Named Montgomery after the famous Civil Rights march. His parents were well-known Civil Rights activists.
Kathleen “Coop” Cooper. Head Graphic Designer. Columbia Graduate. Age 27. Level-headed, sensible and adorable.


Documentation of Registration

Registrant: Joe McCormick

Author: Joe McCormick

Registration Number: 1822571