Project Description

DANGERFIELDS – (Sit Com). Set in the famous comedy club, (which is now run by Rodney’s ‘daughter’), it details life behind the scenes amongst the staff and comedians headlining at the club.


Sit-Com. Set in present day New York City at Dangerfield’s Comedy Club.

The club is now being run by his no-nonsense daughter with not much help from her slacker daughter. She, along with two long-time bartenders, an Emcee and a Maitre D’ are trying to keep the place open. They are constantly harassed by the landlords who want to tear the place down and put up luxury condos.

The Sets: The daughter and the granddaughter live on the top (4th) floor of the apartment building. The bartenders live in the apartment on the third floor in the brownstone. The offices and dressing rooms are on the second floor, the Club and Bar are on the ground floor. The Kitchen is in the basement.


Every year on the anniversary of his death (October 5th), Dangerfield’s Comedy Club puts on a special tribute show. Many comedians, who Rodney mentored and befriended, show up for almost no pay to pay homage to their favorite comedians.

The show opens with his daughter putting together all the last minute details of the annual show.

She then goes downstairs to the 3rd floor apartment of her long-time bartenders and discusses the event with them. She then goes down to the club level and talks to the waiters and her volatile head chef.

Then her landlord’s show up and try to disrupt the evening’s event with a fire marshal they have on their payroll.
Finally, the time for the show has arrived and the club is packed. There are many stars from show business and the comedy world there.

Several comedians get up to the mike and tell their favorite Rodney stories and jokes.

The night is a big success and they have made enough money to stay open for a little while longer.


Sit-Com. Set in present day New York City at Dangerfield’s Comedy Club.

The club is now being run by his no-nonsense daughter with not much help from her slacker daughter. She, along with two long-time bartender, Emcee and Maitre D’ are trying to keep the place open. They are constantly harassed by the landlords who want to tear the place down and put up luxury condos.

The Sets: The daughter and the granddaughter live on the top (4th) floor of the apartment building. The bartenders live in the apartment on the third floor in the brownstone. The offices and dressing rooms are on the second floor, the Club and Bar are on the ground floor. The Kitchen is in the basement.

Scene 1

Dangerfield’s Comedy Club – Exterior –Afternoon
The camera slowly zooms in from across the street. We see a sign across the entire length of the building – “Dangerfield’s. We see the non-descript exterior. Moving in closer we see a man putting up a sign on the window – “Closed Tonight – Private Party”.

We see a man in a chef’s outfit walking briskly with several packages in his arm. He approaches the man with the sign. He pinches the man in the rear. The man jumps. The man in the chef’s outfit laughs and then scurries inside the front door.

Scene 2
Dangerfield’s Comedy Club – Interior – Afternoon

The man in the chef’s outfit is coming through the door. He hi-five’s a man working at the Maitre D’s station near the front door and walks through the club acknowledging people as he goes.

The inside of the club is a bee hive of activity. There are people putting up banners and photographs on the stage. There are people working on the stage lights. There are waiters and waitresses bringing in tables and chairs and napkins and utensils. The bartenders are cleaning the bar, stacking glasses and cutting up fruit.

At one of the tables near the bar is sitting a young woman. She has a Goth look to her – streaked hair, black nail polish, black mascara. She is not doing anything but listening to her iPod and slowly moving her head. The waiters get to her table to set it up but she doesn’t respond. They look over to the bartender who nods.
Two waiters pick up the chair from either side, pick her up and move her to the other side of the room. She hardly responds. The bartender shakes is head. A messenger comes in the front door with a large bouquet of red roses. The bartender signs for them.

Just then a woman comes down the stairs.

Sully (too loudly)
“OK, people lets get it together. We have a lot of work to do”

Sully turns to July as she arrives.

“Oh, I didn’t see you”


The bartender reaches under the bar and pulls out the bouquet and hands it to her.

“Got these for you”

The other bartender and the nearby waiters all roll their eyes.


July doesn’t look convinced, takes the bouquet, finds the card and opens it.

July (reading the card)
“Best of luck. See you tonight, Love Lucy

July (to the bartender)
Thank you Lucy !

Sully looks sheepish and shrugs his shoulders

“It’s the thought that counts.”

Woman (laughing)
You lying sack of…

“Shhhhh…Cleo is here”

He points over to the girl listening to her iPod and text messaging on the phone, oblivious to everything.

“As if she could hear anything”

She walks over to the girl. She lifts up one side of the headphones from her ear.

“Hi, hon”

The girl gives her mother a slight wave and goes back to bopping her head and texting. July lets go of the headphone, shakes her head and walks back to the bar.

July (to Sully)
“So how are we doing”?

Bartender (in a broad Irish brogue)
“Well, we’ve been feeling a bit piqued today. I may have to go and have myself a bit of a lay down”

July glares back at him

“Sully don’t mess with me. Not today. I will kill you. I will stab you right in your heart”.

Sully (as Claude Raines in Casablanca)
“That Madam, is my least vulnerable spot”

She can’t help it and she starts to laugh. He does too.

Why don’t you round up the usual suspects and meet me in the office in 15 minutes.

“Yessa Boss”

She shakes her head and walks to the back towards the stairs.

Scene 3 – Int. – Hallway 2nd Fl. (.10)

We see July walking up the stairs and going into the second floor hallway.

We see a sign that says ‘2nd Fl.’.There are two other signs, each with an arrow pointing in different directions. One says ‘Dressing Rooms’ the other says ‘Office’. There are photographs of famous comedians all along the wall. There are also various signatures and jokes scrawled on the wall. She walks towards the Office takes out her keys and unlocks the Office door.

Scene 4 – Int. – Office – Morning (.30)

July enters her office. It looks like it was probably a studio apartment. There is a small galley kitchen and bathroom along the interior wall and a living space. The living space is dominated by two things an enormous desk covered with piles of paper, a computer a phone and an intercom. The other item is a framed life size photograph of Rodney Dangerfield in one of famous poses – pulling on his red necktie. The photograph is on the wall directly behind the desk. There is a large well-worn sofa against one wall and two chairs in front of the desk.

July puts down her folder on which is written ‘Remembering Rodney’ benefit’. She looks at her phone answering machine there are twenty-two messages. She opens the drawer of her desk and pulls out a yellow legal pad. She gets out a pen. Takes a deep breath and pushes the button on the phone.

Voice #1 (British accent)
“Freddy here. Wondering if you could do two tickets for tonight. Be a dear and give me a ring”.

July is writing on the yellow legal pad.

Voice #2
‘This a courtesy call from your financial center. You have been pre-qualified for a mortgage…”

July pushed the button

Voice #3
Hi, July. It’s Nancy. It’s Friday afternoon. Call me.

Fade Out/Fade In

July is still writing on the legal pad. She is now halfway down the second page.

Voice #4 (imitation of Rodney Dangerfield)
‘I tell ya, I don’t get no respect.

This snaps July to attention.

(Changing to his real voice)
July. Hi, it’s Dwayne. I’ve been practicing all week. I want to make sure it’s perfect for tonight. I’m driving up from Atlantic City. See you around eight. Bye”.

July turns towards her computer screen. We see that she has a page of Email messages. She rubs her forehead with her hand and starts clicking away.

Scene 5 – Int. – Office – Morning (.20)

Montage of July answering phones, writing emails, signing checks, drinking soda, writing notes. We hear a refrain of ‘She works hard for the Money’ by Donna Summer.

Scene 3 – July’s Office – Afternoon
Sitting in the seats are Sully – The Head Bartender and Theo Dresser – The Maitre D’. On the couch are Mr. K. – the chef, Zeke Simeon– the Ass’t bartender and Robb E. Robb, the Emcee. July’s daughter Cleo is sitting off to one side on a folding chair.

(use later on)
We see a velvet rope across the door. We see several Paparazzi and several fans with autograph books. We see limos and taxis pull up and people getting out and going in.

(use later on)
There is a very large man standing by the door. You see a hand extend a piece of paper (an invitation) to the man who checks his clipboard. He nods and opens the door. As the door opens we see Theodore Dresser – The Maitre D’(George Wallace in a tuxedo). He smiles at the person entering and shakes his hand. The door closes.

Scene 2

Dangerfield’s Comedy Club – Interior – Night

There is a brick wall behind the stage with a slightly tattered vinyl banner that reads “Dangerfield’s”. There is a sign that indicated that this is the 5th annual “Remembering Rodney” party. There are three large photos of Rodney on easels at the back of the stage. One in his classic black suit, white shirt and red tie outfit, one from Caddy Shack and one from The Tonight Show that shows Johnny Carson cracking-up.

The audience is made up of comedians (some well-known and some not so well known). There is also a sprinkling of actors and writers and agents in the crowd. This is an “invitation only” event. The place is packed. There are many empty glasses and half-empty glasses on the small tables. The wait staff is struggling to clear the tables and to bring drinks through the narrow spaces between the tables. There is a ‘buzz’ in the room.

The camera is panning the room.

Everyone is happy and talking to everyone else. We hear ‘…I tell ya…I don’t get no respect’ from someone in the crowd. We hear people laughing. We hear (in a bad Rodney impression) “I haven’t spoken to my wife in years…I didn’t want to interrupt” Someone else says “…all he had to say was ‘Dr. Vinny Boombatz’ and I would crack-up”. Then we see a close–up of young man who is very emotional say “…I was… I was just starting out. He didn’t know me from Adam…He came up to me after my set and said ‘good work kid…funny’” I’ll never forget that. That meant more to me than anything”. The man has tears in his eyes. His friends slap him on the back and nod.

Scene 3
Interior – Dangerfield’s night – Bar Area.

The bar area is packed. All the stools are taken. People are standing 3-deep at the bar. The bartenders are in over-drive. The waiters come in and shout their orders over the noise. Other waiters are running up the stairs from the kitchen with plates of food. Down the stairs comes the daughter (Cindi Lauper) with a clipboard full of papers in her hands. Behind her walking very slowly is her daughter (Natasha Leone). She walks over to the wait staff area of the bar. She frantically motions to Pat ‘Sully’ Sullivan, the head bartender, over. He slowly saunters over cleaning a glass with a towel as people are screaming for drinks.

“So, how goes it”? she asks, nervously looking around.

He replies in a broad Irish accent “Well you know I been feeling a bit piqued today, I may have to have myself a bit of a lay down”. She looks back at him with daggers in her eyes.

“It’s fine. It’s fine. Look around. We couldn’t get any more people in here with a shoehorn.”

“I just get…ah…”

“Crazy, Obsessive-Compulsive, over the top, all of the above”

She nods her head takes a deep breath and leans over and softly hits him on the head with her clipboard. He gently kisses her on the cheek.

“I love you too”. She says as she starts to walk away towards the front door.

Scene 4 – Inside club – Night
Interior – Front door area. Shot from a high angle.

Near the front door is a small stand about two foot square and about five feet high. There is a small lamp attached to one corner and a printout with names on it – some are crossed out and some have question marks next to them. There is a seating chart with small circles on it that are numbered – representing the tables. The list and the seating chart look like a mess. We see a tall black man in a tuxedo behind the stand. The phone rings. He pushes a button and picks up. “Dangerfield’s…Yeah… sure…OK”. He hangs up the phone. He goes to his list and writes ‘late’ next to a name. The door opens a couple walks in and shows him a printed invitation. He looks at it. Hands it back. Checks the name off his list and looks over his seating chart. Then he looks over the crowded room and shakes his head. He motions to a waiter who comes over.

“Table 12 with Louie”.

The waiter squints his eyes and tilts his head as if to say ‘What’. But The Maitre D’(Theo) just emphatically nods his head. The waiter nods and motions for the couple to follow him and they begin to snake their way through the crowded room.

Scene 5 – Inside Club – Night
July Dangerfield has made her way over to the front door. Theo is answering phones, working the list, directing the waiters with cool aplomb all while wearing an electric blue tuxedo. Se waits for a moment till things calm down then tugs at his sleeve. He turns and looks down at her with mock disdain and he yells out “OK, people who let her in”? People in the area all smile. “I don’t believe you’re on the list”

“And I don’t believe you want to be the host at Denny’s either, do you?”

He leans in and expresses surprise.
“Oh, it’s you.”

“Theo, what’s the story. The show is supposed to start in 20 minutes.”

“Almost everyone is here. A few are stuck in traffic. Vinny’s plane just landed a LaGuardia. But overall it’s controlled chaos. Don’t worry I got this covered. OK?”

She nods. Suddenly they here a commotion. They turn towards the kitchen stairs.

Scene 6
Interior – Kitchen Stairs – Night – A waiter with a tray in his hands containing a big steak comes running up the stairs from the kitchen. He is closely followed by the club’s chef – Mister K – who is chasing him with a meat cleaver. They go into the club area and are going round some of the tables. The chef is screaming “You take the steak, You take the steak” over and over while waving the knife. The crowd starts to laugh and starts to chant ‘You take the steak’ too. The chef looks around befuddled, shakes his head and says ‘Not funny, Not funny’. He walks back towards the kitchen stairs. The crowd starts to applaud as if it’s part of the act. The waiter takes a deep breath and puts the steak down in front of the customer.

Scene 7 – Front desk – night
Cut to Theo and Judy at the front desk. They are watching the chef chase the waiter with a knife. They look almost bored. One of the patrons asks “Aren’t you going to do anything” Theo turns to July “Third time this week” She nods and walks back into the club.

Scene 8 – Back of Club – Stairs going up – Night

July is seen climbing the stairs to the second floor where the dressing rooms and her office are located.

Scene 9 – Second Floor Stairs – Night
We see July coming up the stairs looking tired. She walks into the hallway. There is a sign that says “Office” and “Dressing Rooms” with arrows indicating different directions. There are pictures of famous comedians framed all over the walls.

She turns toward the dressing rooms. She gets to the door. There is a sign that says “Jerry#1, Robbie #2, CiCi #3, Waldo #4”. She enters the door.

Scene 10 – Dressing Rooms – 2nd Floor – Night
She enters what must have been the living room of the original apartment. It is what passes for a “green room” where performers and their friends spend time before and after the show. There are several large comfortable but well-worn couches.
There are a few framed posters of shows that were held at the club.
There is a large framed painting of Rodney on the wall. There is a large refrigerator against the wall and a sink and counter that has various platters of food on it. There are bags of snacks and candies.
There is a microwave. There is a large tub filled with ice and soda and beer. There are several bottles of booze on a shelf. She looks around and then goes over to Dressing room #2 which was the original kitchen of the apartment. She knocks. Nothing.
She knocks again. Nothing. She opens the door a crack.


We hear a high-pitched hysterical male voice

“I can’t, I can’t. I can’t go on. I have nothing to wear. I look fat”

She opens the door wider. Robbie is leaning back in a chair completely dressed reading the Daily Racing Form looking as calm as can be.

She calmly replies, “15 minutes”

He nods. She shakes her head as she closes the door and walks back out of the apartment.

Scene 11 – Hallway – Night

July is back out in the hall. She walks back down to the other end of the hall where the “Office” is. She unlocks the door.

Scene 12 – Front Office – Night

We enter an apartment. The living room is crammed with file cabinets, papers and cardboard boxes. There is barely enough room to sit down. On the wall is a framed red tie (a la Rodney Dangerfield) She walks towards a glass door that says “Office” and opens it.

Scene 13 – Her Office – Night
Her office is jammed with more papers. There are two phones on her desk. She looks at one there are 22 messages. She shakes her head. She puts her chipboard down on a pile on her desk and goes back out.

Scene 14 – Front Office – Night

She is back out in the front office. She then goes into the middle door. It is the bathroom.

Scene 15 – Front Office Bathroom – Night
She enters the bathroom. Turns on the lights. She looks in the mirror. Picks up a hairbrush. Combs her hair. Picks up a lipstick and puts some on. Takes another look at the mirror and says,

“It’s show time”.

She turns off the lights and leaves the bathroom.

Scene 16 – Front Office – Night

She walks over to a small framed picture of Rodney outside her office door. She kisses her hand and then puts it on the picture. She walks out of the front office.

Scene 17 – Hallway – Night
She locks the door and walks back down the hall. We start to hear the noise from the club as she gets closer to the stairs. She walks down the stairs.

Scene 18 – Club stairway – Night.
July comes down the stairs. As she enters, you can tell it is much noisier than before. She emerges near the side of the stage. To her surprise she sees that all the bartenders and waiters and waitresses have all changed their outfits. They are all wearing red ties with their white shirts a la Rodney Dangerfield. She looks emotional. She looks over at Sully. He smiles over at her and smiles and nods.
Theo (the Maitre D’) comes over. He looks worried.

“We got problems”

She waves him away. “Will you guys ever stop?”

“I’m not kidding”

“What then?”

“It’s Dreckman. He’s here with a Fire Marshall”

“What does he want”

“He wants what he always wants, to screw with us. The Fire Marshall says there are too many people here and not enough space between the tables. He said it’s a fire hazard and he’s going to close us down”

“Have we exceeded our capacity?”

“No, you said to careful about that”.

Theo shows her a counter he has in his hand. It says 235.

“We’re five under”

Theo nods.

“Son of a bitch” she says softly

“What are we going to do?” says Theo

“Hold on”

July snakes her way through the crowd saying hello briefly to a number of people. Theo returns to the Fire Marshall at the door who looks impatient.

“You got five minutes. Five minutes to start getting people out of the club”

July returns with a man. We only see him from the back as they walk towards the door.

“OK Mr. Fire Marshall, tell HIM what your problem is”

The Fire Marshall suddenly looks ashen.

“Ah… well… we were told…ah…got a call about a fire safety issue and …ah… we were just checking it out…ah…Sir.

The camera swings around and we see it is the Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

“I see. Well I certainly don’t want to interfere with your job and if you think that this gathering presents an imminent safety issue then by all means close it down. But I would hate to see all these people put out into the street if we weren’t absolutely sure”.

“Yes Mr. Mayor”.

“I have an idea, why don’t you stand by the door during the show and if you see any fire or safety issues during the show, you let me know”.

The Mayor turns to July”…if that’s alright with you”.

July nods appreciatively.

The Mayor and July return to his table and the Fire Marshall returns to the front door where their landlord Sidney Dreckman is waiting. He looks very mad. The Fire Marshall shakes his head. Mr. Dreckman walks out the front door in a huff.

Scene 19 – Rear Stairs of Club – Night

We see Robb coming down the stairs. He walks over to the side of the bar. There is a shot glass full of a clear liquid on the bar.
He walks over looks at Sully, who nods. He picks it up and downs it. He briefly closes his eyes and shudders.

“Perfect” he says in a hoarse whisper. He is standing at the end of the bar when July comes up.

“All set”? she says

He nods. “We’re going to sell a lot of time-shares today”

She gives him an elbow. Then she looks over at the lighting guy and nods. The lights slowly dim. There is applause. When the lights are down as single spot shines on a one of the portraits of Rodney on the stage. We hear his voice.

We hear over the sound system…

“…and now, let’s hear it for your host Mr. Robb E. Robb…”

Scene 20 – Club stage – night
Robb E. Robb bounds onto the small stage to raucous applause. He is impeccably dressed except for a hideous skinny red tie. He is holding a stack of index cards in his hand.

“OK…Thank you, Thank you. Now we all know why were here. Just how many Amway products do you think we can sell here tonight”?

He glances over to July who is shaking her head.

“Oh… sorry, wrong gig”.

He puts the index cards back in one pocket and takes out another bunch from his other pocket.

“I first met Rodney 27 years ago. I was opening for a singer, who shall remain nameless (aside) Glen Campbell – and after the show a number of younger comedians were going to meet at their regular hangout, a bar at the Frontier Hotel. When I got there, I noticed that there was a crowd around our usual table. I was thinking ‘I know I was good tonight but I didn’t expect such a crowd’. It was Rodney he had just dropped in after his show. I had never met him before. I was in awe. In my opinion Rodney was one of the two funniest people in the business. The other was Richard Pryor. Rodney was unique.
He was a very generous man, especially to young comedians. And he didn’t have to be. By that time he was headlining at the biggest casinos in Vegas. He was on the Tonight Show all the time but he always took the time to talk to you about your craft. And he had stories. No one could tell stories like Rodney. He had seen it all. He was the best and I loved him. And now I’d like to introduce you to some other people who loved him too. First up tonight are some comedians who need no introduction. So without further adieu, here they are”.

Scene 20 – Club stage – night
The lights go down and we hear over the PA system…

“I tell ya…I don’t get no respect” in Rodney’s voice.

The crowd applauds.

The lights come up and there are four famous comedians sitting on bar stools they each have index cards or papers in their hands. They each take turns telling a joke of Rodney’s before the next guy starts. They are all wearing Rodney’s signature red tie.

Comedian #1
“My wife and I were happy for twenty years…then we met”

Comedian #2
“I haven’t spoken to my wife in years. I didn’t want to interrupt her”

Comedian #3
“My wife is always trying to get rid of me. The other day she told me to put the garbage out. I said I already did. She told me to go and keep an eye on it”

Comedian #4
“I tried to make love to my wife but nothing happened, so I said to her ‘What’s the matter, you can’t think of anybody either’”.

Fade out/Fade in

Scene 21 – Club stage – night

We see the audience. They are laughing so loud they have tears in their eyes. The ties are loosened. Jackets are off. Glasses are being raised. There are four different comedians on stage.

Comedian #5
“When I was a kid my parents moved a lot, but I always found them”

Comedian #6.
A girl phoned me the other day and said ‘Come on over, there’s nobody home’ I went over. Nobody was home”.

Comedian #7
You know, I played some tough joints. I tell ya they were tough…

The crowd yells ‘how tough were they’?

Comedian #7 (doing a Rodney imitation)
“Thanks for playing along…”

The crowd roars

Comedian #7
…as I was saying…I played this place in Jersey called Nunzio’s.
I tell ya it was tough. I mean I looked at the menu and they had broken leg of lamb.

Comedian #8
“Last week I wasn’t feeling too good. So I went to see my doctor. You know my doctor…”

Comedian #8 and the crowd
Dr. Vinny Boombatz…

Comedian #8
He tells me I got pneumonia. I tell him I want a second opinion. He says ‘You’re ugly too’.

Comedian #5
Last week I was feeling depressed….

Comedian #8 (interrupting)
“Tough week last week…”

Comedian #5
No respect…no respect at all…(shaking and lowering his head)

The crowd applauds and so he resumes.

“Last week I was feeling depressed so I went to see my psychiatrist. You know my psychiatrist…”

The crowd looks at each other puzzled.

“Dr. Sigmund Boombatz…”

The crowd erupts.

“I told him everybody hates me. He said I was being ridiculous –
everyone hadn’t met me yet”.

Comedian #6
Last night, I was in bed with my wife. I tell ya she was moaning and groaning and making all sorts of noises. Finally I said ‘Would you put the phone down’?

Fade out/fade in

Scene 22 – Club stage – night

Robb E. Robb is back on stage and behind him are about 20 people – including all the comedians we have seen on stage. They all are laughing, clapping and a few have drinks in their hands. The crowd is applauding. Robb tries to quiet them.

“Well, the old clock on the wall says it’s time to go”

The crowd says “no”

“I would like to thank all of you up here”

He turns around and extends his hands towards the assembled comedians.

The crowd applauds

“And I would like to thank all of you out there”

Pointing to the audience.

The audience applauds louder.
“And especially to July Dangerfield who keeps Rodney’s dream alive every night”

Scene 23 – Club –offstage – night

We see July standing at the side of the stage. Robb goes over and brings her up on stage.

The crowd and the comedians onstage applaud enthusiastically.

Scene 24 – Club stage – night
Robb hands her a microphone

“Thank you all for coming. You do not know what this means to me and to him (she says pointing to one of Rodney’s photos). I hope that you won’t mind but I’d like to say a little something to my Dad”

She starts to sing a cappella – softly and slowly like a funeral dirge

(She has modified the Al Jolson song Swanee for the occasion)

I’ve been away from you a long time
I never thought I’d miss you so
Somehow I feel your love is real
Near you I wanna be

Rodney – how I love ya
How I love ya
My dear old Rodney
My dear old Rodney

She puts her head down and hands the mike to Robb and walks off the stage. The audience is in stunned silence for a moment. People are crying and hugging each other.

Robb (raising his glass)
‘To Rodney”

The audience rises as one and raises their glasses

“To Rodney”

They then start to applaud.
Fade out/ Fade in

Scene 25 – Club interior – Night

The club is empty of patrons. The wait staff is sweeping up the floor and picking up glasses and plates. The Maitre D’ Theo, the Emcee Robb and July are sitting at the bar. The two bartenders are cleaning up the bar. Everyone is relaxing.

There is a person – a reporter – sitting at a table close to the bar. At the next chair is a cameraman whose video camera is on the table.

Suddenly the chef – Mister K – and the waiter he had been chasing with a knife earlier appear arm in arm.

Mister K
“Everything Okey-Dokey”

He looks at the waiter who nods in agreement. They turn to walk away when we notice that the waiter has a large knife sticking out of his back with blood on his white coat. The reporter and cameraman involuntarily flinch. The rest of the staff just shakes their heads.

Theo (to July)
“Second time this month”

July nods. She turns towards the reporter and photographer.

“OK…I think we’re done here.”

She looks over to the Bartenders, Emcee and Maitre d’ and they all nod.

“C’mon let’s finish this upstairs”.

She rises and motions to the reporter and cameraman to follow.

(to the staff)

“We’ll be in the office”

Scene 26 – Interior – July’s Office – Night

July is sitting in a chair behind the big desk in her cluttered office. The reporter is sitting on the love seat and the photographer is standing with his camera. July looks exhausted. She has sunk in the chair.


“So how do you think it went”?

“Great. Better then I hoped for”

“It must be very rewarding to have people come from all over to remember your father”.

July nods and her eyes fill with tears.

“Growing up did you know what a special man your father was”?

“No. Not at all. I was mad at him most of the time. He was away almost every weekend when I was growing up and when he was home he was either sleeping or palling around with other comedians. I hardly spent any time with him”.

Who was your father’s favorite comedian”?

“He had several favorites. He loved Richard Pryor. He loved Johnny Carson. He thought that Jonathan Winters was a genius. He loved Red Skelton’s physical comedy. He was a student of comedy. You know those Tonight show appearances”?

The reporter nods.

“Well they lasted what three…four minutes? It took him hours and hours to hone that down and make it seem effortless. He was a craftsman”.

“How is the Club doing? We hear that it’s financially shaky. Is that true”?

July (getting mad)
“Well I wonder if your source for that was one of the Dreckman Brothers?

“The landlords”.

July (nodding)
“The have been trying to close us down since Dad died. Bastards”

“Why would they want to do that? Don’t you pay your rent”?

“They own all these brownstones. They want to tear them down and put up luxury condos”

July takes a deep breath and calms down.

“But to answer your original question… Business has been better. But we’re holding our own. A lot of top clubs have closed in the past few years. But we’re lucky. We have dads name. Dangerfield’s is special to people and it’s like a shrine to comedians. You saw the audience tonight. A lot of those people still play here when they could be getting twice as much to play somewhere else. It’s nice to have friends.

July looks exhausted. The reporter notices this and closes his notebook and nods to the photographer. The reporter rises and leans over the desk and shakes July’s hand. The cameraman does the same.

“This better be a good story…”

The reporter and cameraman walk to the door.

July (pointing her finger playfully)
“…I want a cover story…a cover story”

The reporter smiles and nods and they go out and close the door.
July sinks into chair. The phone rings. She picks it up.

“Be right down”

Scene 27 – Club Bar Area – Dawn

The club is totally cleaned up. Just Sully is left.

“I have a surprise for you”

July (not missing a beat)
“So when are you leaving”?

“Not that surprise. This surprise”

He hands her an envelope. She looks puzzled.

“It better not be an eviction notice”

She opens the envelope. She takes out a card and opens it. She reads it. She shakes her head. She takes out a folded check and opens it. She shakes her head and starts to cry.

“It’s from Jerry”

“Well…what does it say”

July (reading from the card)
I am so sorry I couldn’t be there for Rodney. He meant so much to me. I probably wouldn’t have a career if it wasn’t for him.
I’ll see you as soon as I get back. Love Jerry

Isn’t that a check’?

July nods

“What’s that about”?

“It just says ‘for whatever you need’”.


“Well what”?

“Well, how much is it for”?

July shakes her head

“Can’t say”

“C’mon, don’t give me that”

July opens up the check and hands it to Sully.

Sully (in amazement)
“It’s blank”.

We see a signed black check.

July nods teary eyed.
Sully puts his arm around July and they walk towards the stairs.

Fade out.



Start episode earlier in the day as they prepare for the show

Show July and Cleopatra’s apartment and their interaction.

Show Sully and Zeke’s apartment and their dynamic.

Interior – Office

Interior – Dressing Room – Kevin Pollack

Interior – Apartment #1 – two Bartenders
Interior – Apartment #3 – Mother & Daughter’s Apt.

Possible scenes –
One of the comedians should be Triumph the Insult Dog

Bartenders apartment –
Interview with the press after the party. Sum everything up.

Opening scene

Scene 1 – Exterior – New York City street – Early morning (.45)

We see July Dangerfield an attractive woman in her early fifties coming out of a deli. She is sipping coffee out of a cup. She has the paper and several small bags in her other hand. We see a clock that shows that it is 8:00am. But the streets are relatively quiet because it is a Saturday. As she walks up the street, people wave to her from store fronts. She smiles and waves. She stops and shakes hands with an elderly man sitting on a stoop. She seems to know
most of the people on the street. We see her turn the corner. She stops and looks across the street. We see the sign for the club ‘Dangerfield’s’. It is located on the ground floor of four brownstones. She walks up a few stairs opens the door with her keys and enters the building on the second floor.

Scene 2 – Int. – July Dangerfield’s Apt. – Early Morning (.25)

We see July Dangerfield enter the apartment. It is the entire top floor of the brownstone. The apartment is spacious by New York
City standards. She walks into the hallway and turns left into the kitchen area which along with the dining room and living room is one open space. She plops down the packages on the counter. Puts several items into the refrigerator and the cupboard. She then grabs her coffee and paper and walks back into the living area. There is a narrow circular staircase which she climbs.

Scene 3 – Exterior – Roof deck – Early Morning (.30)

We see her emerge onto a roof deck. It is beautiful. There are plants and couches there is a table and chairs. There is even a small fountain. She drops the paper on the table and takes her coffee over to the edge of the deck. There we see a beautiful view of the East.Side of New York City. She turns her head slowly drinking in the view. She takes a deep breath and lets her shoulders down a notch. She walks back to the table and opens up her paper. We hear a refrain from ‘Up on the Roof’ by the Drifters.

Fade Out/Fade In

Scene 4 – Exterior – Roof Deck – Morning (1 hour later) (.20)

We see Judy still sitting at the table but now she has her feet up on the next chair. Several sections of the paper have been haphazardly refolded are on the table. July is reading the last section of the paper. She reaches for her coffee cup which is empty. She turns the last page of the paper then folds it. She picks up the paper and the coffee cup and heads back downstairs.

Scene 5 – Interior – July’s Apartment – Morning (.15)

July comes back down the stairs and walks into the kitchen. We see that it is now 8:45 am. She puts the paper into the recycling bin and throws the coffee cup into the garbage. She walks down the hallway and opens a door.

Scene 6 – Int.– July’s Apt. – Daughter’s bedroom – Morning (.20)

July gingerly opens the door. The room is very dark. There are dark heavy curtains on the windows. There are clothes and stuff everywhere. We see a lump in the bed which is completely covered by blankets. July shakes her head and closes the door.

Scene 7 – Int. – July’s Apt – Living Room – Morning (.10)
July walks back into the living room. She grabs a large folder from the bookcase near the door. Then she gets her keys and phone and walks out of the apartment.

Scene 8 – Int. Hallway 4th fl.Apt. Building – Morning (.10)
July comes out of the apartment and locks the door behind her. She then starts to walk down the stairs. We see a sign that says ‘4th Fl.’

“Morning…Yeah…Since about nine…I know…OK…You got coffee?…Be right down”.

July grabs her keys and walks towards the door. She opens the door and walks out. We hear the door being locked.

Scene 13 – Int. – Hallway 2nd fl. – Morning (.05)

July starts to walk up the stairs.

Scene 14 – Int. – Hallway – 3rd Fl. – Morning (.10)

We see July coming up the stairs. The sign says – 3rd Fl.. She walks towards a door. She knocks.

Voice of Sully
“It’s open”.

She walks in.

Scene 15 – Int. – Sully Apt. – Morning

The apartment is beautifully decorated – very modern and spare. There are exposed brick walls and large abstract paintings on the wall. Sully is in the kitchen working on something. She walks into the kitchen. There is a large mug with her name on it filled with steaming coffee. There is a small cake on a plate next to it. She sits down on a stool and grabs her mug and takes a sip.


“Komodo and Kona blend. Interesting huh?

July nods.

“So how’s everything going so far?

“ So far …OK… But you know it’s going to hit the fan at some point today or tonight”

Sully continues mixing something and he nods.

“I’ll be finished here in a couple. Then I’m all yours” he says with a leer.

She laughs.

“Heard any noises from the cave yet”


Documentation of Registration

Registrant: Joe McCormick

Author: Joe McCormick

Registration Number: 1822516

FILE NAME: Dangerfield’s.docx