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D-Cap -Synopsis
Premise: After the US attack on Lybia in 1986, Quadafi sets a plan in motion to get revenge on America.
D-Cap Notes
Premise: After the US attack on Lybia in 1986, Quadafi sets a plan in motion to get revenge on America.
Quadafi is in his tent, inside his compound when the attack starts. He is slightly wounded and his step-daughter is killed.
He vows revenge.
He gets his advisors together to brainstorm but they cannot decide what to do.
Then, one of them, who was educated in America at UCLA, has an idea. He says, ‘let the Americans tell us’.
How to do that?
His advisor was an engineering student, but he remembered that UCLA has a Film School. He suggests that they sponsor a screenwriting contest at UCLA and other screenwriting schools.
The premise of the contest would be ‘how to bring the US government to their knees’.
Since the students know America well, they might be able to unwittingly tell Quadafi how to attack America.
Quadafi sets up the production company in England and gives them $25 million to start.
The production company is headed by the son of his advisors who is living in London. The son is not told about the terrorist plan.
The production company then researches who might be a good partner in America.
The production company finds a well-known but washed up film producer/director and asks him if he would partner with them on the project.
Since they already know that he has money troubles, they know he will sign on – and he does.
The son flies to Los Angeles to meet with the producer. Since the producer needs money, he readily agrees to use his American production company (which has been dormant) as the US arm of the British production company’s movie production.
Note: Once the decision is made to use 2 scripts as the basis for the attack, a second famous but over-the-hill producer is brought on to produce the 2nd film.
The producer uses his contacts to set up meetings with UCLA, USC, Writers Boot Camp, The Writers Store, etc.
UCLA and USC decline to participate but Writer’s Boot Camp agrees to be a sponsor.
Writer’s Boot Camp is told that the script must be realistic – no aliens, no vampires, no zombies.
Interested Writer’s Boot Camp students are asked to submit a 5 page treatment in 2 weeks. They will be paid $250.
Those treatments that are deemed viable will be asked to submit a first draft in 30 days. They will be paid $1,000.
Several finalists will be selected. They will be asked to submit a final draft in 30 days. Finalists will be asked to resolve any issues and or inconsistencies that were found in their scripts.
All finalists will receive at least $5,000.
After the finalists have submitted their final draft, the winner will be chosen.
The winner will receive an option for $50,000; the 2nd place winner will receive $25,000.
Quadafi and his cohorts have been getting copies of all scripts that have been re-routed via England.
They (Quadafi) likes 2 scripts equally, so they decide to ‘award’ 2 first place prizes.
They realize that they cannot fail in this mission, so that it’s best to have a Plan B so they decide to fund both ‘movie’ projects.
If one plan fails for some unknown reason, they will still have a Plan B or if both plans are viable, so much the better.
The 2 scripts they pick are “D-Cap” (short for Decapitation) and R.A. F. (Radical Anarchist Faction).
(NOTE: The reader of the story does NOT know the details of the stories but rather details of both plans are slowly revealed as the story progresses).
Both ‘D-Cap’ (Decapitation) and R.A. F. are centered on Inauguration Day (Jan. 20th). This is the one day where the whole government is gathered together and outside.
‘D-Cap’ involves having a team of terrorists ascend to high altitudes in several helium balloons. They will ascend approximately 50 miles West of Washington DC. When they get to the edge of the airspace exclusion zone (25 miles), they will bail out of the balloon and open their parachutes.
(Note: Their balloon capsule will be made almost entirely of non-metal materials and will be round – so as to lower the radar cross section).
They will then drift towards the Capitol building. When they are within a few miles, they will jettison their parachutes and essentially ‘dive bomb’ the Inauguration Day ceremonies.
They will each be carrying 20 pounds of plastic explosives. They will target the reviewing stand. They will time their approach to arrive as close to 12 noon as possible. They will hope to kill all the top members of the government – to ‘decapitate’ it.
The Plan B story – “R.A. F.” (Radical Anarchist Faction) supposes that a group of anarchists target the same event – Inauguration Day – for their plan.
Their plan involves using large Radio Controlled (RC) model airplanes to attack the Inauguration Day dignitaries. The plan envisions using multiple large (5 foot wingspan) radio controlled planes, to bomb the Capitol where the Inauguration is being held. Each plane can carry 2-3 pounds of plastic explosives or nerve gas.
The planes will be launched via catapult from tractor trailers.
Each trailer will be disguised with moving company or Fed Ex or UPS logos and paint jobs.
Each trailer will carry 4 of these planes. The back 10 feet of the roof will contain an elevator that will bring up each plane to the roof of the trailer where there will be a small catapult built into the roof.
Each trailer will be stationed one mile from each, in a semicircle, other so that they can attack the Capitol from several directions.
The two plans will be carried out separately. Neither group will have any knowledge of the other, for security reasons.
Under the guise of making a movie, the two plan move forward.
Ex-military experts in HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) and HAHO (High Altitude High Opening) parachute techniques are contacted. They are hired to train actors in the technique. They are also told they will be hired as ‘stunt doubles’ for the more dangerous scenes.
Meanwhile, Quadafi has his military train people in these HALO and HAHO techniques in the Libyan Desert. When it is time, they will be smuggled into the United States from Canada or Mexico.
Balloon manufacturers are contacted for their expertise as to what kind of balloon would be best – hot air or helium.
Model airplane clubs are contacted and visited. Several people are asked to design planes for the ‘movie’.
Misleading tidbits are leaked to the press about the movies indicating that one will be make in Northern California, while the other will be made in Southern California.
Hot air balloon and helium balloon pilots are hired to develop the balloon sequences.
The head of the RC Airplane Society of Southern California is brought on as a consultant.
Since money is no object, all the people are very well paid, to keep them happy and not questioning anything.
One of the RC Airplane Club members is a very bright nerdy college student, who begins to ask too many questions. Plans are made to kill him, but make it look like an accident
Libyans are recruited for a secret mission. They are taught HALO/HILO techniques and RC airplane techniques in the Libyan Desert by Arab ex-military who were themselves trained by the United States military.
Plans are made to smuggle in the Libyans through Mexico and Canada. The operatives will each be bringing in plastic explosives and nerve gas. The Libyans, with their explosives, will be inserted one at a time. They will be carrying fake passports indicating they are Saudis. Once again, if one is caught, there will only be one of them and they know nothing of the overall plot. The terrorists only know that they will be ‘attacking America’.
After a few close calls, the operatives and the explosives arrive safely. They are brought to ‘safe houses’ already bought outside the Washington DC area. There are 2 safe houses – one for each ‘movie’ – in separate locations.
Meanwhile, the production company is working with the RC community out in California to build 20 identical planes. All the planes will be scale models of the US B-52’s. They will be painted in USAF colors.
The RAF production company, working independently, is working with balloon manufacturers to make and test both hot air and helium balloons and their respective gondolas.
The gondolas for both will be made with as much non-metal material as possible – so as to make them more ‘stealthy’ (less visible to radar.
Both the RC model plane and the balloon manufacturers are happy to work for the production company for two reasons: they are paid up front (at full asking price) and they like the ‘glamour’ of working with a movie company.
The workers are also told that they can be ‘in the movie’ if they want to, as extras, in order to keep them happy and to control their movements.
Only one person seems to be suspicious. A young modeler somehow senses that things are ‘just too good to be true’ and he starts to check out the background of the movie company.
Meanwhile the Libyans are concocting a plan to plant evidence linking the attacks to Iran, so that America will attack Iran and not Libya.
The production company scouts sites in Virginia for the “balloon scenes”, working with the Virginia Film Office. They also get permits from the various agencies to allow for the balloon scenes. They also buy a skydiving plane to be a back-up in case the balloons don’t work out. They contact the FAA to discuss the various permits needed to film a skydiving scene.
The Virginia Film Office, the FAA check out the production company and everything comes back legit, so they can proceed with the plan.
As far as everybody is concerned, there is going to be as large film shoot in Virginia in the early spring.
Enough money is spread around to local businesses (caterers, limo companies, hotels, etc.) to keep everybody happy.
Quadafi transfers another $25 million to the production offices in London via several dummy corporations, to make it harder to trace the money.
The production companies take out ‘trade’ ads in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter announcing the movies start date, etc.
The Libyans also start ‘Plan C’ at this time, unbeknownst to the people involved in the ‘Movie Plans’. The Libyans try to determine which Cabinet member will be selected NOT to attend the Inauguration. This is known as the ‘Designated Survivor’ because they would be the person counted on to continue government operations in case of a catastrophic attack. This ‘Designated Survivor’ is usually picked from the lower ranks of the Cabinet. – HUD, Energy, HUD, Transportation., etc. The Libyans target 3 possible persons and have one of their operatives in Washington DC track their movements. They find out their home addresses and where their wives work and where their children go to school.
In the end, the Libyans determine that the Designated Survivor, whoever they are, will be taken to a very secure ‘undisclosed location’, which they will not be able to penetrate. But they also determine that their families would be ‘soft targets’ and could be assassinated and make plans to do so.
As D-Cap Day approaches, personnel and resources are moved to areas outside the Washington DC metro area.
On January 20th, at 10 am, the balloons are launched, the skydiving plane takes off, and the trucks (with their model planes inside) are moved into position.
By 11:30 am, the skydiving plane is at altitude and the balloons are reaching their ‘fail-safe’ points.
The skydiving plane declares a false ‘Mayday’, gives a misleading heading and turns off its transponder, to throw the FAA off the trail.
At 11:45 am, the skydivers leave their plane and the people aboard the balloons, parachute out.
At 12 noon, the model planes, which are all painted in USAF colors, start to be launched from the 4 trailers.
At 12:05 pm, the first parachutists arrive over the Capitol Building. They all have activated their ‘kill switch’ which will detonate their explosives as soon as they let go of the switch. And the first of the Model planes arrive over the crowd.
By 12:10 pm, 6 of the ‘Kamikaze’ parachutists have hit their intended targets. Several others have hit the Capitol Building. Still others have landed in the crowd on the lower level.
The Model Airplanes, have not been too successful, with only one landing near the podium. Several other land near the Capitol and explode. They do not cause much damage but they do add to the ensuing chaos.
In the end, President Reagan is killed. President-Elect George Bush is killed. Seven members of the Supreme Court are killed and the other two are injured. Most of the House and Senate leadership is killed. Eight members of the Cabinet are killed and several others are wounded. However, Vice President-elect Dan Quayle survives but is seriously wounded.
The Libyans then start their ‘disinformation’ plan, where various fake messages and phone calls are leaked showing that the Iranians are behind the attack. Libyans leak this fake information to several members of Israel’s Mossad. They believe that if information comes to the CIA from Israel, it is more likely to be believed.
Quadafi goes on Libyan television and announces that the is saddened by the attack and offers to provide any help he can.
President Quayle, in his hospital bed, is given intelligence reports that seem to indicate that Iran is responsible for the attack. This information is not given to the public.
The public is demanding immediate action.
President Quayle, orders an immediate all-out attack on Iran.
The United States uses all the missiles and planes in its arsenal, short of nuclear weapons, to bomb Iran.
Iran is soon reduced to rubble. The Iranians, know they cannot attack the United States directly but they are sure that Israel is complicit.
The Iranians launch all their remaining missiles and planes against Israel as soon they see the scope of the United States attack. Much of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv sustains heavy damage. Thousands of Israelis are killed.
6 months later.
The United States has sifted through all the evidence and has determined that it was not Iran that instigated the attack, but Libya.
President Quayle gives orders to kill Quadafi.
As in the opening scene, Quadafi is sitting in tent in his compound.
Missiles and bombs are directed toward his compound.
We see that the area where his compound was is now just a large crater.


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