Project Description

CRAIG’S LUST. (Sit Com – Rated R). The show follows the misadventures of Craig Beeswax as he tries to find the ‘right’ woman. He is 35, divorced and very unlucky in love. He loves women, all types of women, but the feeling is not mutual.
Notes TV – SIT COM – Half Hour Sex Comedy – Rated R
Premise: A 35 year old divorced man loves women, all kinds of women, but the feeling is not mutual.
On each episode he schemes to meet a woman through various means: Internet dating sites, match makers, singles nights, volunteer work, single cruises, joining a gym, adopting a dog, etc.
Craig started off going on blind dates set up by friends, and then he progressed to going to ‘singles’ nights at various bars and clubs. Then he used ‘’, and other dating sites. He even went to a ‘Matchmaker’ but she was too expensive. He has tried ‘Speed Dating’. He is now in the phase where he is finding dates on-line. And because he has had no success with ‘normal’ dating sites, he is finding that he is being drawn to more ‘alternative’ dating sites. He will try dating older women, younger women, twins, ethnic women, virgins, a biker babe, a woman who was all-tattooed and even a dominatrix. The episodes recount his experiences.
Every week he fails.
Craig Beeswax – 35. Divorced. Radio Engineer. Craig got divorced 2 years ago after a 10 year marriage. He met his wife in law school. He dropped out. She stayed in and became a lawyer. Over the years she became more successful and 3 years ago became a partner in her law firm in Beverly Hills, and is now a very successful ‘entertainment’ lawyer. Craig’s career as a radio engineer has been steady and he has worked for several Los Angeles radio stations owned by the same large radio company but his career prospects for advancement are minimal. Craig’s wife felt that he did not ‘measure up’ to what she wanted for a partner and so she asked for a divorce, catching Craig off-guard. In fact, she gave him her half of the equity in their home in Toluca Lake, when he agreed not to contest the divorce. After a year or so, Craig started to get back into the dating scene.
Peter “Moss” Mossback – 35. Divorced. Childhood friend. Lives close-by. Craig’s principal ‘wing man’, but is much more conservative than Craig. Craig has been divorced for 5 years. He had been married to his high-school sweetheart for 12 years and they got divorced when she had an affair with a ‘biker’.
Lawrence “Mopey” Berria – Craig’s housemate. In his early 30’s. He moved into Craig’s house after Craig’s divorce. Craig needed the money to help pay the bills. Mopey is in his early thirties. He works in a comic book shop. He is a ‘gamer’. His parents help pay the bills because they don’t want him living with them. He has never had a date, much less been married. He looks up to Craig. He is the Sancho Panza to Craig’s Don Quixote. He is what would charitably be called a ‘schlub’. He is overweight, dresses badly and has no idea of how to speak to a woman.


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Registrant: Joe McCormick

Author: Joe McCormick

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