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“A Game Called America”
Each day’s game is an ‘election’ where the contestants try to amass 270 votes in the Electoral College by answering questions. Each question is worth a particular states electoral vote – i.e. – California = 55, Alaska = 3. The higher a state’s electoral vote, the harder the question.

“A Game called America”
(Could also be called ‘RS vs BS’ – Red State versus Blue State)

Premise: Each day’s game is an ‘election’ where contestants try to amass the 270 Electoral votes necessary to win an election. The game is resolved at the end of each show.
All questions would be ‘Americana’: American History, American Geography, American Literature, etc.
There would also be ‘themed’ weeks, where all the contestants would be: Politicians, Celebrities, Students, Military, etc.
Set: The set is decorated in Red, White and Blue. Half of the audience seats are Red (Red State) and half are Blue (Blue State). Contestants would be urged to wear either red or blue attire, depending on the political preference.
Stage Right: A 10’ x 15’ map of America with the states delineated.
Center Stage: a podium for the Emcee
Stage Left: Podiums for the two (2) contestants and a ‘tote board’, behind them which will show the score. One of the Podiums is in Blue and the other is in Red.
The game is divided into 2 rounds and then there is a Challenge Round for the winner.
Round One:
The 25 smallest states (in terms of population) and Washington D.C. are in play. Their Electoral Votes (between 3 and 10) are shown on the map inside each states border. (Note: in the case of very small states like Rhode Island, the Electoral Votes would be shown in a box off to the side.
Round Two:
The remaining 25 (larger) states would now be in play.
The difficulty of the questions would be directly proportionate to the electoral size of the state. California’s questions would be the most difficult and states with the smallest electoral votes (Alaska, Wyoming, etc.) would have the easiest questions.
The contestants are asked a ‘toss-up’ question and the first person who correctly answers gets to pick the first state, which will have between 3 and 10 Electoral votes.
The state selected is then highlighted. The Emcee then asks them a question. The first person who rings in and answers the question correctly gets that state’s Electoral Vote. That state is then colored in either Red or Blue – depending upon the contestant’s color. The ‘tote board’ behind the contestants keeps a running total of each person’s score.
If the contestant answers incorrectly, the other contestant has the option to try and answer the question correctly OR to pick another state (and get another question).
The game is over when either a contestant ‘wins’ by getting 270 Electoral votes or when the allotted time runs out. If no one gets 270 Electoral votes, then the person who is ahead wins a cash prize, which is less than if they had gotten the 270 Electoral votes.
Note: In the event of a tie, the 2 contestants each secretly pick a state with its representative Electoral vote. The contestants are then each asked a question. The person who answers their question correctly and who picked the state with the larger Electoral vote wins. If it is still a tie, the process is repeated.
The winner then moves on to the Challenge Round.
In the Challenge round, the contestant has 90 seconds to answer as many questions as possible. They must pick a state and, as in the first two rounds, the larger the Electoral vote total, the harder the question.
In the Challenge Round, however, points are deducted for a wrong answer. The contestant does have the option of saying ‘Pass’, if they don’t want to answer the question – with no penalty.
At the end of 90 seconds, the contestants Electoral votes are tallied and they receive a cash prize for each vote.


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A Game Called America
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